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At our firm, we look at the bigger picture and determine the best course of legal action to take based on your situation. Our criminal defense lawyers will look at the entire process—from investigation to arrest—and ensure the rights of our clients were not and are not infringed upon at any point in the legal process. If it is found that their rights were violated, our team will use this as an aggressive part of our defense. The criminal defense attorneys at our firm are not afraid to fight and have had many successful trial outcomes to date.

we're dedicated to providing our clients with powerful representation in any court of law.

Our attorneys stand ready to provide each of our clients with the representation that they need and ensure that they receive a favorable outcome for their case. No case is too big or too small for our firm to handle, and with more than 46 years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

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Effective Representation For Every Client.

Today I sat with my family holding hands waiting for my 21 year old son’s future to be read to us…

Jonathan Crisp saved my son’s future today by putting together the self defense argument that rocked the courtroom and proved his innocence.

- S.R

Getting Results One Case At A Time

Our attorneys have over 60 years of experience. Knowledge and experience you can trust!

Recent Results:

  • Full acquittal in Sexual Assault case at FT Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Obtained an acquittal for Air Force E-4 who was falsely accused of armed robbery.
  • Full acquittal in child sexual assault case for a man in Texas.