Penn Man Arrested for Violating Probation

A 23 year old man, J.B., is back behind bars after he was found drunk on a park bench, a violation of his probation. J.B. was convicted of aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault in 2011 because he sexually assaulted two sleeping women. The man pleaded guilty to these charges, admitting that he knew they were unaware of what he was doing. Because he had been in prison for nearly a year, J.B. was sentenced for another year in prison and seven years of probation. No-alcohol was a condition of his probation terms.

Penn State police reported that they found the young man sleeping on a park bench while drunk. They alerted the Probation and Parole office, who gave him an arrest warrant and put him in jail at the Centre County Correctional facility. No bail has yet been set for him. J.B. is currently a registered sex offender, according to the requirements of Megan’s Law.

In Pennsylvania, there are two types of probation violations: technical probation violations and criminal probation violations. A technical violation occurs when a person fails to obey the conditions of their parole, such as J.B. was accused of doing. A criminal probation violation, however, is when an individual is suspected of committing another crime while on parole. Judges may impose a new sentence on offenders, or give them harsher parole conditions.

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