Crisp & Associates Help Clear Man of Rape

Crisp and Associates, LLC has helped to acquit a Maryland man of accusations of rape. The defendant, Mr. Corwin C. Sample, was accused of raping an intoxicated fellow National Guard member at Fort Indiantown Gap in May 2014. The defense was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Sample had not raped the plaintiff, but consensual sex had occurred.

Attorney Jonathan Crisp argued that the woman had accused Mr. Sample of rape as a means of avoiding deployment, as evidenced by her prior request to not be deployed for financial hardship reasons. By accusing the defendant of rape, she was able to remain in the United States. Despite denying having ever spent time with the defendant outside of work, other members of the unit indicated that they had often seen her and the defendant spend time together. The defendant’s testimony also revealed that she did not tell Mr. Sample to stop on the night of the incident.

This acquittal adds to the already successful legacy that Crisp and Associates has built, demonstrated by their overwhelmingly positive client testimonials and frequent case victories. With over 30 years of combined legal experience, the firm is no stranger to achieving desirable outcomes for their clients. For more information regarding this victory, click here.

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