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Any intentional, premeditated conduct that results in the death of another person is considered homicide. This can be charged against you if you acted in a reckless or negligent manner as well as the intentional and knowing death that is caused by a premeditated action. These crimes are considered first-degree murders and can have you facing life in prison. If you are charged with homicide, it is important to act immediately and contact a Harrisburg attorney at Crisp and Associates, LLC as soon as possible.

In a second-degree criminal homicide, a person is charged with the illegal killing of another human being during the course of a felony, such as carjacking or burglary, or during the course of fleeing the scene of a crime. It is important to remember, that homicide and manslaughter are two separate offenses, but each carry a potential life sentence. Pennsylvania also recognizes the death penalty and appropriate penalty for those convicted of homicide and you could be facing capital punishment for your crime. With so much on the line, it is imperative you work with Crisp and Associates, LLC to ensure that your rights and freedoms are actively protected.

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