Attorney DePowell Helps Secure Prison Release

After nine long months in Dauphin County Prison, nineteen year-old T.G. was released from prison with the help of Attorney Bryan DePowell, a criminal defense attorney at Crisp and Associates, LLC. Police had accused T.G. of ramming into a police car after being stopped for a traffic violation. The suspect of the crime had pulled … Continued

Why Law Enforcement Is Not Always A Friend

As a criminal defense attorney and former cop, I’ve spent a lot of time around police. In fact, some of the smartest and savviest people I know are members of the law enforcement community. I can tell you from experience that the days of bumbling “Barney Fife” and the Mayberry P.D. are long gone. Today, … Continued

Welcome to the Blog for Crisp and Associates, LLC

Have you or a loved one been arrested for a crime? Our Harrisburg criminal defense firm stands ready to assist you! We are not afraid to aggressively defend your rights and freedoms and ensure that you are provided a favorable resolution to your case. At our firm, we have over 30 years of combined legal … Continued