Federal Contract Debarment

What does it really mean? Those of us that have had any involvement in the realm of federal contract work for a long enough period of time know someone in the contractor community that has faced or is facing sanctions. Receiving notice of suspension and potential debarment can, and rightfully should, immediately get your attention. … Continued

What is Proper Courtroom Behavior?

In all aspects of life, there is proper and improper etiquette. For example, when people attend church services, they are expected to dress nicely – usually a suit and tie for men and a dress or skirt and blouse for women. On the beach, a suit and tie would be inappropriate, but a bathing suit … Continued

Why Law Enforcement is Not Always Your Friend

As a criminal defense attorney and former cop I’ve spent a lot of time around police.  In fact, some of the smartest and savviest people I know are members of the law enforcement community. I know from experience that the days of bumbling “Barney Fife” and the Mayberry P.D. are long gone. Today, for the … Continued

Penalties for Simple Assault in Pennsylvania

In the past, if a heated argument turned into a physical altercation, the two individuals might get into a fist fight, dust themselves off and shake hands. These days, whenever an argument becomes physical, it could mean that both parties receive a one-way ticket to jail, not to mention thousands in fines. Generally, if someone … Continued

Hit and Run Accidents in Pennsylvania

Car accidents can be nerve-wracking events and no matter how much you mentally prepare for getting into an accident “one day,” when that day comes you may be in shock, nervous, and not exactly thinking with a clear head. After a person is in an accident, they may get scared and speed away, but when … Continued

Probation Rules in Harrisburg

If a criminal defendant is granted probation, parole, or intermediate punishment supervision in Harrisburg or anyplace else in Pennsylvania, this is granted to the defendant with his or her understanding that they will comply with all of the conditions of their supervision. Whenever a person is granted probation, parole, or intermediate punishment, they have to … Continued

Criminal Process in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you were recently arrested for a criminal offense in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you will be interested in Dauphin County’s criminal process. What happens next? What is the difference between the preliminary hearing and the formal arraignment? Will you have to go to trial, or is there another option? Please continue reading as we offer a … Continued

About Dauphin County Drug Court

Were you, or someone you love recently arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense in Harrisburg or anywhere else in Dauphin County? If so, we would like to tell you about something called “drug court,” a program designed for non-violent offenders who have a drug or alcohol problem. If an offender qualifies for Dauphin County … Continued

State vs. Federal Crimes: Differences

In the United States, we have two different types of courts – state courts and federal courts. In effect, we have two types of crimes, which are state and federal crimes, but what is the difference? Federal crimes are established by Congress and are prosecuted in federal court, whereas state crimes are established by state … Continued

Pennsylvania Penalties for Rape

If someone is accusing you of rape or another sexually-motivated crime, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with Pennsylvania’s laws pertaining to sexual offenses. If the state is filing criminal charges against you, it will be up to the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. If you are found … Continued