Client’s Family Shows Overwhelming Gratitude

Hearing the words “not guilty” spoken by a jury at the end of a trial is one of the most exhilarating experiences for a criminal defense attorney. Seeing the joy and relief on the face of the client and their family, however, can be just as fulfilling. Attorney Jonathan Crisp has recently experienced overwhelming gratitude from the family of a client who was facing charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

F. Daniels was involved in a shooting in Lebanon, PA in June of 2014. The incident occurred on June 8, 2014, after a party at the home of M. Corbin. Daniels had become involved in a fight in Corbin’s kitchen and then left the house. He then fired a gun at least three times at a group of people, including Corbin, who had followed him a short way up the street. One of the shots struck Corbin in the chest—arguably after ricocheting—but she survived the wound.

Crisp argued that Daniels acted in self-defense, firing the gun twice into the air and once into the ground as the group of people advanced on him.

Daniels was found not-guilty of the charges of attempted homicide and of aggravated assault. He was found guilty of four of six counts of misdemeanor “recklessly endangering another person.”

After the jury read the verdicts, an article in the Lebanon Daily News reports that Daniels smiled and hugged attorney Crisp. About a dozen of Daniels’ family members were present for the verdicts and are reported as standing, cheering, and applauding after the jury left the courtroom. Daniels mother, S. Rijo, fell to her knees in her joy and relief.

Rijo has poured out much gratitude for Attorney Jonathan Crisp following the conclusion of the trial. She is quoted as saying the following in the aforementioned Lebanon Daily News article:

“God is good. God sent us Jonathan and that’s why we’re celebrating. We prayed for the truth.”

She also shared the following review on the Crisp and Associates, LLC Facebook page:

“Today I sat with my family holding hands waiting for my 21 year old son’s future to be read to us by a jury. Attempted Homicide NOT GUILTY, Aggravated Assault with deadly force, NOT GUILTY! Jonathan Crisp saved my son’s future today by putting together the self-defense argument that rocked the courtroom and proved his innocence. I am still trying to grasp that I will be reunited with my son! His aggression and quick thinking in the courtroom will probably be talked about for a very long time in my family! Alongside Jonathan sat Private Investigator Skip whose experience in revealing facts just sealed the deal! Jonathan and Skip YOU DID IT! After 10 long months you restored our family!! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and bless you!”

Crisp and Associates, LLC is proud to play such a large part in the defense of freedom and in the reuniting of families. More reviews can be seen on our testimonials page, or on our various social media profiles. If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges, please do not hesitate to call (717) 219-2839 for a free consultation to learn what Attorney Jonathan Crisp can do for you.