Pennsylvania Penalties for Rape

If someone is accusing you of rape or another sexually-motivated crime, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with Pennsylvania’s laws pertaining to sexual offenses. If the state is filing criminal charges against you, it will be up to the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. If you are found … Continued

Crisp & Associates Help Clear Man of Rape

Crisp and Associates, LLC has helped to acquit a Maryland man of accusations of rape. The defendant, Mr. Corwin C. Sample, was accused of raping an intoxicated fellow National Guard member at Fort Indiantown Gap in May 2014. The defense was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Sample had not raped the … Continued

Crisp & Associates Help Soldier Get Acquittal

After an intensive five day trial held at FT Bragg, a ten member officer and enlisted panel from the 82D ABN DIV fully acquitted an 82D Soldier of all six Article 120 sexual assault charges in a General Court-Martial. The soldier was charged with allegedly raping a subordinate soldier while in Afghanistan. From the first … Continued