Federal Contract Debarment

What does it really mean? Those of us that have had any involvement in the realm of federal contract work for a long enough period of time know someone in the contractor community that has faced or is facing sanctions. Receiving notice of suspension and potential debarment can, and rightfully should, immediately get your attention. … Continued

State vs. Federal Crimes: Differences

In the United States, we have two different types of courts – state courts and federal courts. In effect, we have two types of crimes, which are state and federal crimes, but what is the difference? Federal crimes are established by Congress and are prosecuted in federal court, whereas state crimes are established by state … Continued

Identity Theft Charges in Pennsylvania

Are you, or someone you love being accused of committing identity theft in Harrisburg? If so, it’s important that you understand what these charges mean and the long-term consequences of a conviction. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue explains identity theft as occurring when someone uses another person’s personal identifying information to commit crimes, such as … Continued