What is Proper Courtroom Behavior?

In all aspects of life, there is proper and improper etiquette. For example, when people attend church services, they are expected to dress nicely – usually a suit and tie for men and a dress or skirt and blouse for women. On the beach, a suit and tie would be inappropriate, but a bathing suit … Continued

Probation Rules in Harrisburg

If a criminal defendant is granted probation, parole, or intermediate punishment supervision in Harrisburg or anyplace else in Pennsylvania, this is granted to the defendant with his or her understanding that they will comply with all of the conditions of their supervision. Whenever a person is granted probation, parole, or intermediate punishment, they have to … Continued

Criminal Process in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you were recently arrested for a criminal offense in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you will be interested in Dauphin County’s criminal process. What happens next? What is the difference between the preliminary hearing and the formal arraignment? Will you have to go to trial, or is there another option? Please continue reading as we offer a … Continued