Attorney DePowell Helps Secure Prison Release

After nine long months in Dauphin County Prison, nineteen year-old T.G. was released from prison with the help of Attorney Bryan DePowell, a criminal defense attorney at Crisp and Associates, LLC. Police had accused T.G. of ramming into a police car after being stopped for a traffic violation. The suspect of the crime had pulled over for the officer, but then reversed into the police officer and drove off. Law enforcement officials found the car a few blocks away, however; it was abandoned when they arrived. Upon searching the vehicle, they found heroin and a stolen handgun.

When police found T.G. walking in the opposite direction, they arrested him, as he matched the suspect’s description. He was charged with drug crimes and carrying a weapon without a license. From the beginning of the case, T.G. claimed he was innocent. His lawyer, Bryan DePowell, said that he believed his client and worked on proving his innocence from then on. With the forensic evidence, Attorney DePowell was able to prove that T.G.’s DNA did not match the evidence found inside the vehicle. After spending nine months in jail, T.G. was finally released on a $2,500 bail.

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