About Dauphin County Drug Court

Were you, or someone you love recently arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense in Harrisburg or anywhere else in Dauphin County? If so, we would like to tell you about something called “drug court,” a program designed for non-violent offenders who have a drug or alcohol problem.

If an offender qualifies for Dauphin County Drug Court and he or she successfully completes the program, they can stay out of jail while facing their substance abuse problem head-on.

If an offender is accepted into the program, they can expect to be actively involved in the program for about 18 months from start to finish.

In Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, the Drug Court program is administered by what’s called the “Drug Court Team.” When an offender is referred to the program, the “team” reviews the defendant’s case and votes on whether or not the individual is suitable for the program.

The Drug Court Team holds weekly meetings where it reviews each program participant and his or her progress while they move through the program.

Facts about Drug Court:

  • It is an intense program, but it’s worth it
  • Initially, participants must see a Drug Court Judge weekly
  • Participants must complete a court-ordered treatment program
  • The program involves intense supervision from probation officers
  • The participants are monitored for drug and alcohol abuse 24/7
  • Program participants must comply with all orders from the court

Why consider drug court?

The goal of Drug Court is to treat the root cause of criminal activity, rather than put the person behind bars. If an eligible offender has accepted responsibility for their actions and wants to change, they may benefit from completing the program.

The program strives to reduce recidivism among people who commit drug and alcohol-related crimes in Dauphin County, and gives offenders the chance to break the cycle of addiction and substance abuse, both of which lead down the path of criminal activity.

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